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Dear UMass Geeks, You have no idea how extremely psyched I was to… - Geeks Unite! 2009

About Dear UMass Geeks, You have no idea how extremely psyched I was to…

Previous Entry Feb. 4th, 2007 @ 11:34 am Next Entry
Dear UMass Geeks,

You have no idea how extremely psyched I was to find this community. I hope some of you are still watching it.

Here's the deal: I am a second-year Hampshire College student. My Div II, or major, is on geek culture. Before you go, "WHO MAJORS IN GEEK CULTURE ZOMG THAT IS NOT A REAL MAJOR," let me explain. I am studying cultural anthropology and computer science. Since my Div III (thesis) and possible career is going to be a monthly magazine on and about geek culture, etc., I am also studying journalism. I am a geek, and mostly, I just wanted to do something with my life that would involve meeting and interacting with geeks all the time.

This semester I am taking a class called critical ethnography. When I told my teacher that my chosen community to study was the geek community, she assumed that I had labelled a bunch of people geeks and intended to study them. She had yet to hear of people self identifying themselves as geeks, and I think a lot of people have similar misunderstandings. I am interested in how geeks define themselves (what makes a geek a geek) and other various things you'd think of when it comes to cultural studies: what are values the geek culture upholds, what are common hobbies, careers, religions (or non).

My long term goal is to strengthen the geek community, globally, through the magazine mentioned above, conventions, and other means of connecting (and possibly bringing more confidence to) geek culture everywhere.

Anyway, for my ethnography project, and for my own enjoyment, I'd like to meet you, and geek out with you. I am looking for some formal interviews, but also just to chill. If you are interested in anything I've said, email me back @ jtp05@hampshire.edu or comment here.


(This entry will be X-posted in various forms in various LJ communities for the 5-college area)
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