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Crisis at the Ventilation Shaft - Geeks Unite! 2009

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Previous Entry Crisis at the Ventilation Shaft Apr. 21st, 2005 @ 10:29 am Next Entry
I have this website called the Ventilation Shaft (it's a dorky Gundam Wing fanfiction archive), but anyways, it's pretty huge and stuff and relies heavily upon PHP includes. However yesterday, my host (DreamHost, best host EVER!!!) decided to stop supporting PHP includes so now my site is down (as well as ALL my others) and I've got to rework the entire internal structure!!! Though I suppose it IS a good kick in the butt to learn PHP, which I have been meaning to do (but it's so hard ^^; and is going to take me forever).

So now I get to convert everything to server side includes (which includes going inside every single page and changing the code) just to make the site functional so I don't lose all my visitors. Yowzers, this is gonna take a while.
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