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Woo! Yay interaction on the UMass Geeks community >D that is… - Geeks Unite! 2009

About Woo! Yay interaction on the UMass Geeks community >D that is…

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Woo! Yay interaction on the UMass Geeks community >D that is hardcore.

I live in Lakeville, which is the last stop on the commuter rail from Boston, and it is really, really, boring here, so I can't wait to get out.

So I love anime and own quite a bit because I am a whore. I, too, <3 Bebop and FLCL and I have just returned yesterday from AnimeBoston05, which was a little lame this year, but still good because two of my friends were 18 and bought porn, as well as one who wasn't who didn't get carded. He got tentacle porn. Tentacle porn! Who can resist that? Certainly not me.

And I, too, and planning on majoring in computer science, though I am as of yet undeclared. I specialize in web design and run my own business (Righteous! Web Design). It is superawesomecool (all one word).

I'll try to give a more extensive bio later because I need to get off the computer for bed.

And PS, there's no good anime on cable anyway. All the stuff during the day is crap and all the good stuff plays after midnight, so if you're like me and obsessive about sleep, then you can't watch it because it only plays on SCHOOL NIGHTS, except for Saturday. The only shows I watch on cable are CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) and baseball (GO SOX!!!). Yes.
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Date:May 3rd, 2005 07:24 pm (UTC)
I watch CSI, the ones on cbs. The new ones are a liitle bad.
I enjoy sleeping to, but I like the night, so...
There are little stores in Chinatown, that if you llok in the front window there are shoes and hello kitty merchandice, but when you enter, and go into the movie section, there is loads of porn. and when you buy it, you are never carded. Information I thought should be out there.
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Date:May 4th, 2005 12:14 am (UTC)
Oh em gee, that is so awesome! When I go to Boston I actually spend most of my time in Chinatown ^^ Mostly on Beach St. too. There's a ginseng and herb store we frequent regularly as well as this little grocery store (cheaper pocky and yan yan >_> and ramune) and the Golden Gate (best restaurant EVER) and once we went to this vegetarian place next to the House of Pho (possibly the creepiest restaurant ever, we never went in because it's this wicked dark and shady upstairs place) because my cousin is a vegetarian and the menu was all like '"scallop" sushi, "tuna" sushi' because it was all fake meat >D It made us laugh. There was also this clothing shop we used to go into and the first few racks were all porn with like boobs everywhere and it was like NOSEBLEED and then you get to the clothing and you worry about getting blood everywhere ^^

I like the original CSI. At least I think it's the original >_> none of this CSI: New York or CSI: Miami crap.

As long as I get my sleep, I generally don't care when I get it, so I'm usually up on Saturday nights with my favorite Adult Swim (I love their advertising campaign ^^ coolest people ever) on Cartoon Network, but other days, when I have to get up at six in the morning... not so much.
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